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    Shital Dalwadi

    Energy Healer Shital is an intuitive energy healer. She is a clear channel for celestial energy- what’s known to many as the angelic realm. Shital channels this energy through her clarscentient, clairaudient and clairvisual abilities. She has studied many forms of energy healing such as bio-field energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, among others and considers herself an eternal student of energy healing.  She had her first healing experience in this lifetime when she was just a child, however her experience & knowledge are transferred over several lifetimes. She practices energy healing daily with the energy of curiosity and gratitude. Shital has also completed a Bachelors in Information Technology, obtained a Masters in Business Administration and is a mother of two beautiful children.   Shital is available for private healing sessions, group healing retreats and physical property clearings (buildings, jewelry, etc). You can follow her on instagram @ramblingsofahealer.